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 An old interview at The Trash Club back in 2005

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PostSubject: An old interview at The Trash Club back in 2005   Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:00 am

Metronomy (Joeseph Mount)

1. hello Joseph, how are you? i am keeping just fine, thank you for asking.

2. have you ever heard of or been to trash before? I have heard of it before, but never crap as that's a sheltered life i live, i went to 'car wash' once for a stag night, that was in London...i hope trash isn't as shit and expensive as that fiasco was, no offence to the groom...or genuine good honest car washers and washes...or trash, i've heard nothing but good things.

3. we've been playing 'i could easily have you' for a few weeks now, are there any plans to release a single from your 'pip paine..' album? i'm very glad that's it's getting played and partly as a result of that fact 'you could easily have me' will be the lead track of a forthcoming e.p due out in mid/late november.

4. it's a very broad sounding record, what was your approach to making it? The breadth of it probably comes from my lack of any kind of approach, i've just got musical things lying around that i can't play very well and a bunch of records that i wish i had made. The record in my mind is a collection of homages, although luckily my ability (or lack of it) stops it from being a very obvious bunch of homages.

5. there are a lot more live instruments on this record than on most crafted on computers these days, did you play them all yourself? i did indeed. I began making alot of quite sample orientated music but then went off the idea, not that i'm any kind of purist or anything, i just thought it would be a more honest way of making a record.

6. how did you meet up with your backing band 'the food group'? Well, i'm not sure if they're called the food group anymore, but that's by the by. Gabriel Stebbing (the bass player) is a very dear old friend of mine from my devonshire days. Oscar Cash (the other one) is one of my favourite cousins who i've known all my life.

7. who are your favourite groups / records to listen to at the moment? Well, my tastes change very quickly and i tend to get more into just one or two songs by particular bands at a time. At the moment two records are getting very heavy rotation in my room, one is 'Vanilla' by the english folk band 'Blowzabella' and the other is 'Voices' by the mighty 'Hall and Oates'. I'm also very excited about hearing the new Kate Bush record, everyone is saying that...but for good reason i believe.

8 . you hail from the west country originally, but are now operating from a brighton base - what about the two places appeals to you? To be quite honest, nothing really appeals to me about either of them anymore apart from the sea. The countryside in Devon is beautiful but the people are all fools, the same can be said for Brighton, but the countryside isn't a nice. I don't want to sound like a knob, i'm just at that age when nowhere feels like home anymore.

9. what or who would you say are the biggest influences on the 'pip paine...' album? (having said the above) Devon played a big part in it as did Brighton, but they were both strange influences. In Devon all the music around me was so narrow minded that i just did something that sounded good to me, in Brighton i started trying to sound like other people up to the point where i was just making very derivative music. So the album came to be when i went back to just doing what i enjoyed. At the time the album was made i was listening to a lot of The Ramones, DEVO, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Blowzabella, N.E.R.D, The Pixies, Timbaland and Magoo...the list could go on.

10. and is pip paine a real person and do they owe you five grand? if so have they coughed up since being named and shamed in your album title? Pip Paine is a man from Totnes (the town in Devon where i'm from), he owes a car wrecker who's name escapes me £5000, i do not know if he has paid the car wrecker. However, recently the said car wrecker got rid of my old fiat, he then dumped it in a near by field which resulted in the Police tracking me down. I should think a lot of people owe him money because he is obviously incapable of doing his job correctly.

11. what are your plans for the near future, do you have any tours on the horizon? A tour will hopefully happen early next year to support the re-release of Pip Paine on a national scale. Aside from that i am doing many a remix and trying to get down to writing a new album. i suppose it'd be worth checking the website for the details.

12. and finally, joseph, can you make a nice casserole? No i can't.
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An old interview at The Trash Club back in 2005
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